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Raphaël gellert, Marvin van Bekkum & Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius

The Ola & Uber judgments: for the first time a court recognises a GDPR right to an explanation for algorithmic decision-making


Jill TOh

UK gig drivers recognised as workers—what next?

February 2021 | Social EUrope

Ronan Fahy, Judith Möller & Rocco Bellanova

Deplatforming Politicians and the Implications for Europe

February 2021 | Global Digital Cultures - University of Amsterdam

Belle Beems, Catalin Rusu & Johan van de Gronden

The Commission’s Digital Markets Act Proposal: Boosting Competition on Digital Markets

February 2021 | Radboud economic law blog

Inge Graef

Effective enforcement matters more than new rules in the EU’s efforts to regulate gatekeeping platforms

October 2020 | Promarket

Tjaša Petročnik

What health, what data, what space? Three reflections on the European Health Data Space

October 2020 | Digital Legal Lab

Raphaël gellert

COVID-19 & data protection in the Netherlands

July 2020 | Blog Droit Européen

pieter wolters

Boete voor Stichting BKR: de financiële drempel (in Dutch)

July 2020 |

ronan fahy

New study on the legal framework on the dissemination of disinformation

may 2020 |

Catalina goanta

The regulation of social media influencers

may 2020 |