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Research Conversations features the works of our (junior) researchers active in the area of law and digital technologies. Each episode centers around one researcher who discusses their work, sometimes together with a researcher from another university.

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In this episode, join host Aimen Taimur, a PhD Researcher and Teaching Assistant at TILT, in a captivating conversation with Brenda Espinosa Apráez, a postdoctoral researcher at Tilburg University. Brenda delves into her expertise in law, technology, and data governance, particularly exploring the use of AI in the energy sector in the context of the energy transition and how it connects with the notion of energy justice. Aimen and Brenda engage in an enlightening discussion, offering valuable insights into critical legal aspects of emerging technologies. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation, perfect for your weekend listening!



In this episode, join host Aimen Taimur, a PhD Researcher and Teaching Assistant at TILT, in an interesting conversation with Lisa Van Dongen. Lisa, a PhD candidate and lecturer at Tilburg University, explores the role of patent enforcement in contributing to policy objectives of specific industries, such as ICT and healthcare. Her research interests also lie in judicial remedies in European intellectual property rights enforcement and the workings of the new unified patent court system. This very captivating episode will interest everyone who wants to know more about the functioning of the Unified Patent Court, Patent Law, what Europe has to learn from the English legal system and the intersection of Health Care, Technology, and Intellectual Property Law.

    • L. van Dongen (2023). Proportionality and flexibilities in final injunctive relief. In A. Strowel, F. de Visscher, V. Cassiers, & L. Desaunettes-Barbero (Eds.), The unitary patent package & unified patent court: Problems, possible improvements and alternatives (1st ed., pp. 357-387). Ledizioni.


In this episode, join host Mindy Duffourc, an Assistant Professor of Private Law and a member of the Law and Tech Lab, and the two guests Dr. Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux, an Assistant Professor for Privacy, Security, and Computational Law at Maastricht University, and Dr. Clement Guitton, a Postdoctoral Researcher in the University of St. Gallen, in a riveting discussion unpacking the forefront of Pervasive Computational Law. Delving into their insightful paper, they navigate the complexities of automating legal processes, debating open-textured terms, and outlining responsible development guidelines for AI in law. This episode offers a gripping exploration of interdisciplinary approaches, ethical implications, and the crucial need for public discourse in shaping the future of computational law. Tune in for a captivating dialogue at the intersection of law and technology.

  • Guitton, C., Tamo – Larrieux, A., Mayer, S., Ashley, K., Grabmaier, M., Sartor, G., Sartor, G., & van Dijck, G. (2023). Pervasive Computational Law. Ieee Pervasive Computing, 22(3), 48-51.
  • Tamo – Larrieux, A., Guitton, C., & Mayer, S. (2023). Mapping the Issues of Automated Legal Systems: Why Worry About Automatically Processable Regulation? Artificial Intelligence and Law, 31(3), 571-599.