Digital Legal Lab

Support for Digital Legal Studies events

Digital Legal Lab researchers can apply for financial support to help cover the costs of conferences, workshops, seminars and other events. Funding is intended for the organization of events that foster outreach, exchange and cooperation on a national and international level. 

Who can apply for funding?

Proposals for funding can be submitted by members of the Digital Legal Studies collaboration. Especially welcomed are proposals jointly submitted by members working across two or more participating partner institutions.  

What can you receive funding for?

The event you seek funding for should serve as a meeting place for sharing insights, presenting research findings, fostering or strengthening cooperation, exchanging knowledge and/or expanding the impact of the research conducted within the context of the Digital Legal Studies project. Funding can be used to (partially) cover material expenses and external services for organizing the event. Examples of eligible expenses include travel arrangements for speakers, rental of venues, conference materials, and services provided by virtual conference platforms for the hosting of online events. 

To ensure a fair allocation of the available funds between different activities and partner institutions, we have set a maximum funding limit per proposal depending on the type of event you are seeking support for. We distinguish between three types of events eligible for funding: 

1. Home-grown events

Events that are initiated within the context of the Digital Legal Studies project and coordinated by project members, such as the collaboration’s annual Digital Legal Talks conference as well as smaller events and activities. 
Funding limit: €8,000 

2. Partnering events

Major events such as international conferences hosted by a partner institution, which the Digital Legal Studies project is embedded into and/or which provides a large platform to showcase the collaboration. 
Funding limit: €4,000

3. Invitational events

Scientific events of any size and type organized by a partner institution, which individual Digital Legal Studies project members can participate in and benefit from. 
Funding limit: €1,500 

How can you apply for funding?

Please send your proposal to Inge Graef  ( for evaluation by a committee of project leaders from the four partner institutions. 

The proposal should include: 

– A short description of the event (max. 400 words) 
– The amount of funding you seek, with a detailing of the expenses this budget will cover
– A clarification of how the event will contribute to the goals of the Digital Legal Studies sector plan project 

the collaboration’s budget for the organization of events and scientific activities is made available through funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), in consultation with NWO, as part of the national Law Sector Plan