Digital Legal Lab

winter School "Data, personalization, and the Law 2023"

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From 4 to 8 December 2023, Digital Legal Lab’s winter school “Data, personalization, and the law 2023” will take place in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The main objective of the winter school is to do a deep dive into digital technologies regulation and build a strong network of scholars to further develop Digital Legal Studies, an emerging field of scholarship that advancing our understanding of how digital technologies interact with law and justice.

The programme, taught by leading experts in their respective fields, including Digital Legal Lab’s own researchers, is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. It will explore topics related to how digital technologies like algorithms, big data analytics, and automated decision-making affect individuals, markets, and society, and how regulatory regimes are catching up with the technological changes.

Concretely, we will analyse how digital technologies challenge decision-making related to diverse public values, in particular fundamental rights, and how regulation is shifting from the more conventional approaches of regulating human behaviour to governing data. In addition, we will showcase how to use data analytics technology in a meaningful way to make sense of legal data and analyse legal processes.

The programme is designed in an interactive manner, combining lectures and interactive workshops and discussions, to facilitate active co-creation of knowledge by all participants: both established and early career researchers. In total, 40 participants will share their knowledge, insights, and experience in the course of the week. Keep an eye on this space for the outcomes of this wonderful event!

We would like to thank the Lorentz Center for their financial and logistical support with the organisation of the winter school.