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tv interview
Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam) appeared on the dutch research show 'stand van nederland' to talk about the rapidly increasing use of predictive algorithms and the risk of fundamental rights violations.
new podcast series
The Digital Hearing brings you voices, perspectives and ideas on recent events and issues relating to all things law & tech. In the first episode, ronan fahy (university of amsterdam) and esther keymolen (tilburg university) discuss digitally fueled riots and how to respond to them.
new report
ronan fahy and natali helberger (amsterdam university) contributed to the report "Notions of Disinformation and related concepts" published by erga. The aim of this Report is to provide for clearer and more uniform definitions of disinformation and related concepts, including political advertising and issue-based advertising.
book contribution
Merel Noorman (Tilburg University) is one of the authors of "A Citizen's guide to artificial intelligence," a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the ethical, legal, political, and economic stakes of the use of AI in different areas of society.