Digital Legal Lab


how does artificial intelligence
impact the legal system?

As we are moving towards a data-driven world, the legal system is changing quickly. In order to understand the impact of AI systems, we need to develop and evaluate methodologies for assessing the effects such systems have on the legal system. This has an epistemological component: where should we look to understand the effects of (big) data and AI on the legal system and on legal practice, and are we asking the right questions about these effects? There is also an important methodological component, which concerns the use of legal research questions: how can we successfully employ these techniques to assess the impact of AI on the legal system?

Working across a number of projects within the Digital Legal Studies initiative, our researchers investigate the effects of AI at different levels in the legal system (digital infrastructure) on decision making processes (digital justice).

Some examples of the case studies that we are working on:

  • The use of AI for immigration decision making by the IND
  • The use of AI for decision making on environmental permissions, traffic fines and legal oversight of the vulnerable
  • The use of AI by the Dutch police