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Tilburg University Program Big Data | AI & Law

Tilburg university organises its program Big Data | AI & Law. The program is open to everyone who is interested in learning more about big data and law.

Academic directors of the program are DLS researchers Eleni Kosta and Lookke Moerel (Tilburg University).

The program aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to law and legal practice, including how to apply GDPR in all phases of the development and deployment of AI systems, and what risk management tools are required to ensure Algorithmic Accountability.

Upon completion, you will become familiar with privacy/data protection and accountability issues and ethical challenges that arise when using big data and AI. You will further have learnt how to apply the law in relation to these technologies.

The program extends over four days (June 19 – June 22). Each day is packed with various sessions and classes running from 09:30h – 17:00h. A combination of keynotes, lectures, workshops and discussions led by experts in the field are offered. All classes are held at the Faculty Club on the Tilburg University Campus. You will receive a certificate upon request stating the sessions/modules and associated hours. A tuition fee of 2.900 € applies.