Digital Legal Lab

Digital Legal Talks 2021

The Digital Legal Lab hosted the second edition of its annual conference, Digital Legal Talks, on 8 December 2021.

Digital Legal Talks 2021 was an online afternoon packed with keynotes, presentations and discussions on important current issues related to law and digital technologies. We had keynote speeches by professor Lilian Edwards (Newcastle University) and professor Ari Ezra Waldman (Northeastern University), and three rounds of breakout sessions with lots of exciting talks by researchers from within and outside the Digital Legal Lab collaboration.

Keynote recordings

Recordings of the keynote sessions by prof. Lilian Edwards and prof. Ari Ezra Waldman are available on YouTube. Watch the keynotes below.


Join us next year!

The aim of our collaboration’s annual conference is to share knowledge and to inspire researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and others to take on the legal, ethical and societal challenges of the increasingly automated and digitalized future. Digital Legal Talks 2021 was hosted on a 3D virtual platform, providing an exciting opportunity to connect with others in the field, exchange ideas and build new cooperations.  We will be back with a new edition of Digital Legal Talks towards the end of 2022. We hope you can join us!

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The 2020 edition

The Digital Legal Talks kick-off conference took place on 2 December 2020. We looked back at the first year of the Digital Legal Studies research collaboration, with researchers from the 4 partner universities presenting their projects and sharing perspectives and approaches across different academic disciplines. We had keynote speeches by Julie Cohen and Frank Pasquale, two breakout rounds with lots of interactive presentation and PLSC-style discussion sessions, and a closing discussion panel where sparks flew on the topic of technology in relation to law and justice. Read more about the first edition of Digital Legal Talks here.