Digital Legal Lab

Special issue on EU health data governance & the EHDS

Last week, the journal Technology and Regulation published a special issue on EU health data governance and the recently proposed European Health Data Space (EHDS), that was edited by Digital Legal Lab member Tjaša Petročnik.

An outcome of last year’s workshop on the same topic, the special issue consists of an editorial (Petročnik) and two peer-reviewed papers; the first paper (Shabani and Yilmaz) addresses the interplay of EU’s regulatory frameworks related to data processing, namely the GDPR, the DGA, and the recently proposed EHDS Regulation, with a focus on the legal bases for secondary use of health data, specifically for data-driven research purposes. In the second paper (Slokenberga), the emerging EU regime for the use of health data for research is examined, with a view to explore whether it is in line with the established ethico-legal standards governing scientific research. The special issue’s aspiration is to further the debate on the EHDS in light of the ongoing legislative process.