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Digital Legal Lab researchers publish
Handbook on EU Data Protection Law

Digital Legal Lab researchers Prof. Eleni Kosta, Prof. Ronald Leenes and Dr. Irene Kamara from Tilburg University bring together leading European data protection scholars in the newly published Research Handbook on EU Data Protection Law. 

The book provides a state-of-the-art overview of the scope of research and current thinking in the area of European data protection.

It examines key challenges and potential solutions in the field in a multi-disciplinary manner, and reflects on current issues that will mark the next generation of research.

Chapters explore the fundamental right to personal data protection, government-to-business data sharing, data protection as performance-based regulation, privacy and marketing in data-driven business models, data protection and judicial automation, and the role of consent in an algorithmic society. Expert contributors investigate the impact of Brexit on the right to data portability, essential equivalence as a benchmark for international data transfers following Schrems II, and data protection in relation to the application and boundaries of the Law Enforcement Directive, trade secret privileges, and competition law.

The handbook will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of technology and data protection law, privacy law, and European law more broadly, while also being a useful tool for practitioners and policymakers concerned with data protection.


The book is published by Edward Elgar as part of the Research Handbooks in European Law series. Read the first chapter or get your copy of this though-provoking handbook here.