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facial recognition & privacy risks

Tilburg University researchers affiliated to the Digital Legal Lab – Esther Keymolen, Merel Noorman & Bart van der Sloot – co-authored a research report on the major privacy concerns around facial recognition technology. 

From smart doorbells with facial recognition to registering with your face rather than with an entry ticket, facial recognition technology has serious implications for our privacy. The legislator can limit those risks, but will need to make legislative choices for that purpose. This is argued in the report, written in the spring of 2020 for the Dutch Research and Documentation Centre (WODC).

Esther Keymolen talked about the report in a podcast by online news platform, explaining why the use of facial recognition is problematic. Find out more about the research report and listen to the podcast episode below.

the report

in the media

Esther Keymolen was interviewed about the problems with facial recognition technology by’s news podcast Dit wordt het nieuws. Listen to the podcast episode here (in Dutch).