Sneak Peak: upcoming book edited by Inge Graef & Bart van der Sloot

Digital Legal Lab members Inge Graef and Bart van der Sloot have contributed to editing the upcoming book The Legal Consistency of Technology Regulation in Europe.

This book skillfully weaves together the foundational aspects of fundamental rights, economic law, and contemporary legal developments in the realms of digital platforms, data, and artificial intelligence.

Inge Graef is an Associate Professor of Law & Technology. She specializes in competition enforcement within the digital economy. Her particular focus lies in exploring the intersection between competition law and other domains of EU law, including data protection, intellectual property, and electronic communications law.

Bart van der Sloot is a philosopher and legal scholar. He holds the position of Associate Professor of Big Data & Privacy. His expertise lies in the realms of privacy and big data. Van der Sloot is an active contributor to scholarly publications, with a focus on topics such as the liability of internet intermediaries, data protection, and internet regulation. His key areas of interest encompass the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), international data flows—particularly between Europe and the United States—and issues related to data leaks.

The book will be released for open access in mid-June. Stay tuned! 

Until then, the book can be pre-ordered here.