Pieter Wolters' new paper

16 May 2024

Digital Legal Lab member, Pieter Wolters, published a new paper in the European Journal of Law and Technology!

His paper examines the influence of the Data Act within the broader context of European data strategy, assessing its potential impact on the delicate balance between data protection and the free movement of data.

The Data Act, while not expected to significantly alter the balance between data protection and the free movement of data on its own, is viewed as a foundational component within the broader European data strategy, with its ultimate impact contingent upon the success and further development of initiatives such as European data spaces.

You can read his paper, titled “The Influence of the Data Act on the Shifting Balance between Data Protection and the Free Movement of Data“, by clicking here. 

About Pieter Wolters:

Pieter Wolters is an associate professor of cybersecurity, privacy, and law, with research interests spanning the private enforcement of privacy law, legal obligations concerning secure software provision, and the European framework for cybersecurity and privacy regulations.