Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius advises the Council of Europe on AI and discrimination

20 MArch 2024

Digital Legal Lab member Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius has been asked to advise the Council of Europe on AI and discrimination.

We are extremely proud of him and would like to congratulate him on this achievement!

The Committee of Experts on Artificial Intelligence, Equality, and Discrimination (GEC/ADI-AI), a collaborative entity formed by the CDADI and the Gender Equality Commission (GEC) of the Council of Europe, has been tasked with formulating a Recommendation concerning the influence of artificial intelligence systems. This mandate includes exploring their capacity to advance equality, particularly gender equality, while also assessing potential risks pertaining to non-discrimination. The Committee aims to accomplish this by the year 2025.

Read more about the GEC/ADI-AI here.

About Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius:

Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius is a professor of ICT and Law at Radboud University Nijmegen. He is affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Security, Privacy, and Data Governance, known as the iHub. His research focuses on privacy, data protection, and discrimination, particularly within the realm of new technologies.

His earlier work with the Council of Europe:

Borgesius has already written a study for the Council of Europe in 2019, titled ‘Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Decision-Making’.

To read the study, click here