Dr. Konrad Kollnig Awarded Prestigious AiNed Fellowship Grant for AI Regulation Innovation

29 March 2024

In a landmark achievement for artificial intelligence (AI) and regulatory technology, Dr. Konrad Kollnig has been honored with an AiNed Fellowship grant. This accolade recognizes his pioneering project, “RegTech4AI: Pioneering Regulatory Technologies for AI and Making AI Regulation Work in Practice“. We wish to congratulate our lab member for this remarkable achievement.

Dr. Kollnig’s project stands out for its innovative approach to bridging the gap between the theoretical framework of AI regulations, such as the GDPR and upcoming AI laws, and their practical implementation. The initiative aims to develop cutting-edge technologies that will enable law enforcement agencies and businesses to effectively comply with these regulations, thus fostering a safer and more transparent AI ecosystem.

The AiNed Fellowship program, part of the National Growth Fund’s initiative to promote AI development and application among Dutch companies and governments, awarded grants to four other projects this round. These projects span various domains, from healthcare AI applications to the creation of human-centric AI models and advancements in large-scale data processing.

The AiNed Fellowship Scholarships aim to draw leading AI talents to Dutch research institutions, supporting innovative research that contributes significantly to the field of AI and its ethical, legal, and practical challenges.

Dr. Kollnig and his interdisciplinary team’s work is poised to make substantial contributions to the understanding and implementation of AI regulation, marking a significant step forward in the responsible development and application of artificial intelligence technologies.

For more information on Dr. Kollnig’s project and the AiNed Fellowship program, you can follow this link.