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Episode 1 | 25 March 2021

Digitally Fueled Riots

Tech philosopher Esther Keymolen (Tilburg University) and fundamental rights & technology researcher Ronan Fahy (University of Amsterdam) talk about recent social media fueled riots, such as the Capitol riots in Washington and the Dutch curfew riots.

Episode 2 | 14 July 2021

non-discriminatory algorithms

Legal scholar and philosopher Bart van der Sloot (Tilburg University) talks about his recent work on algorithmic bias and how to make non-discrimination a key component in the design of AI systems. 

Episode 3 | 29 July 2021

why gig workers are fighting for their data rights

Political scientist Jill Toh (University of Amsterdam) and law professor Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University) talk about the legal battle fought by Uber and Ola drivers. Why are they taking the algorithms that manage them to court?