The FOurth Episode of the Research Conversations Podcast is Out Now!

29 December 2023

The fourth episode of the Research Conversations Podcast is out now! In this episode of Research Conversations, our host Iris Xu, a PhD researcher in Maastricht’s Law and Tech Lab, interviews three guests involved in the CLASSICA project, which aims to validate AI in classifying cancer in real-time surgery. Our guests are Prof. Ronan Cahill, who is the Coordinator of CLASSICA and the Director of the Centre for Precision Surgery, UCD and the Digital Surgery Unit, MMUH, Prof. Sara Gerke, an Assistant Professor of Law at Penn State Dickinson Law and Head of the Penn State Dickinson Law Study, and Prof. Mindy Nunez Duffourc, an Assistant Professor of Private Law, a member of the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab and Member of Penn State‚Äôs CLASSICA legal research team. They discuss the importance of the project in helping surgeons make better decisions during operations, particularly in cases where it is difficult to determine if a polyp is cancerous or benign. The CLASSICA tool uses AI technology to analyze tissue perfusion patterns and provide accurate information to surgeons. The guests also touch on the legal and ethical challenges of implementing AI in healthcare, including issues of regulation and liability. The project is currently in the clinical trial phase, with patients being recruited in major cancer centers in Europe. The ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes and integrate the technology into surgical practice. We encourage our listeners to follow the project on the CLASSICA website and social media channels!

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