Research project "Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University"

23 October 2023

The University of Amsterdam recently completed a research project called “Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University.

Two major reports on this research project were published on Digital Sovereignty, and Access to Data for Research

Digital Legal Lab members Mireille van Eechoud, Joris van Hoboken and Jef Ausloos have been involved in making this project come to life.  

The research project “Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University” addresses key challenges the European university sector faces today.

These challenges encompass the growing reliance of universities and scholars on digital technology and service providers, a multifaceted yet disjointed legal structure related to research, and the necessity for researchers to access external data in order to explore the digital realm that envelops us. Safeguarding the autonomy and control over digital affairs within universities and among researchers stands as a pivotal factor in realizing a prosperous digital transformation within the university sector.