New Episode and book Alert: Research Conversation with Bart van der Sloot on AI's Societal and Legal Frontiers: 'Regulating the Synthetic Society'

13 March 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of the fifth episode in our Research Conversations podcast series, featuring an enlightening presentation by Bart van der Sloot, author of the groundbreaking open-access book, “Regulating the Synthetic Society: Generative AI, Legal Questions and Societal Challenges.

In this episode, Chat GPT as an interviewer delves into the fascinating insights and inspiration behind Bart’s latest publication. Stemming from his pivotal work on a report about deep fakes commissioned by the Dutch government, Bart explores the burgeoning world of AI-generated content and its profound societal implications. From the erosion of truth to the daunting challenges of online content verification, this podcast episode navigates the murky waters of the digital age.

Bart van der Sloot doesn’t stop there; he also tackles the legal quandaries posed by synthetic technologies, covering privacy, data protection, and intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the episode ventures into the future of work in an automated world and the intriguing prospect of a universal basic income.

The episode rounds off with an in-depth look at the global regulatory landscape for synthetic technologies, underscoring the diverse approaches taken by different countries and the EU’s potential leadership role in AI regulation.

Dive into this compelling presentation to uncover Bart van der Sloot’s expert perspectives on the complex interplay between law, society, and synthetic technologies. His insights offer invaluable guidance for policymakers, legal professionals, and anyone interested in the future of our digital society.

📖 Access Bart van der Sloot’s newly published open-access book here: “Regulating the Synthetic Society: Generative AI, Legal Questions and Societal Challenges,” Hart Publishing 2024.

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking exploration of generative AI’s impact on our world. Tune in to the Research Conversations podcast for a deep dive into the legal and societal challenges of the Synthetic Society.