Natali Helberger nominated for
Women in AI Award

Natali Helberger has
been selected as
one of five nominees for
Women in AI award

Women in AI Netherlands has nominated Natali Helberger for its award in the category AI researcher. Congratulations!

Prof. dr. Natali Helberger is a Distinguished University Professor of Law and Digital Technology with a special focus on AI at the University of Amsterdam and affiliated with the Institute for Information Law. She has been nominated for the award alongside four of her colleagues from the University of Amsterdam, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University and University of Twente.

This award is addressed to female researchers who are active in the area of AI and whose research will impact the future of AI. Women in AI (WAI) is a non-profit organisation originating in Paris, France. They strive to empower women and minorities to become AI and Data experts, innovators and leaders. WAI is active in education, research and blogging and regularly hosts events related to AI and leadership. The organisation has grown into a large community, currently counting more than 8.000 members in 140 countries worldwide.

The winner of the award will be announced at the WAI Netherlands Gala on February 9th. Tickets for the Gala can still be bought here: