Natali Helberger as keynote speaker at the nordic ai in media summit 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

May 9th – May 10th 2023

The nordic AI in Media Summit is a conference organised by the Platform Intelligence in News project (PIN) in collaboration with the Nordic AI Journalism network. Its 2023 edition takes place from May 9th (12 pm) to May 10th (5 pm).

The Summit is dedicated to the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by mainstream news publishers and its transformation of media. Industry practitioners are invited to learn from media companies at the forefront of AI adoption. Furthermore, during presentation, panels and workshops the great potential and significant risks of AI in media  and healthy norm setting are discussed.


Digital Legal Lab researcher Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam) is invited to the Summit as one of the keynote speakers. She will share her insights gained during her extensive research on AI.