Inge graef: Can the eU data act deliver a fair, competitive and innovative data market?

The brussels-based think tank Bruegel invited  experts to discuss the proposed EU Data Act. Inge Graef, Bertin Martens, Pillar de Castillo, Georgio Mavrios and Wolfgang Kerber shared their views on the legislative proposal.

The EU Data Act is a legislative proposal published by the EU Commission as part of its European Strategy for Data. It strives to maximise the value of data in the European economy. The innovation of most products and services depends on the analysis of large amounts of data. Currently, relevant data is however insufficiently shared within and across sectors. Therefore, the Data Act intends to empower users of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to seek access to their data and to share them with third parties. This way, the Commission intends to strengthen innovation and competition.

The Brussels based think tank Bruegel has invited different experts on the topic, including Digital Legal Lab researcher Inge Graef. She conducts extensive research on the proposed act and the topic of data sharing. Together, they discussed the question: ‘Can the EU Data Act deliver a fair, competitive and innovative data market?’.